Battle of the Bellas: Hadid & Thorne hate each other, apparently

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According to Star Magazine, Bella Hadid was very irritated when someone referred to her as Bella “Look At Me, I’m A Hot Mess” Thorne. Yeah, I can understand the irritation. I would not want to be associated with Thorne either.

Same name, very different stars!

During a trip to New York, model Bella Hadid didn’t appreciate an autograph-seeker mistaking her for wild-child actress Bella Thorne.

According to one witness, Bella “snapped, ‘I’m not her, I’m the classy Bella – and I wear more clothes!’” The witness says it was obvious Hadid didn’t have much respect for the 19-year-old Thorne, who regularly steps out in see-through tops and tattooed “Wild Kitty” on her thighs.

But a Thorne source says the former Disney darling couldn’t care less if her name twin likes her or not. “The Hadids may rule fashion, but Bella Thorne finds her whole crew so pretentious and snotty,” sniffs a pal. “One woman’s ‘classy’ is another woman’s ‘stuck up!’”
[From Star Magazine, print edition]

My guess is that Hadid didn’t really call herself “the classy Bella,” because ew, so judgy. How about “I’m the Bella who isn’t trying to be a messier Lindsay Lohan”? Or “I’m the Bella who isn’t banging Scott Disick for attention”? I’m just saying, I doubt The Hadid One thinks of herself as “classy.” But I could definitely see The Thorne One milking this grudge for attention for a long-ass time. May you stay safe in the upcoming Bella Wars. Choose your alliances carefully – one day, you could be talking to an Izzy and suddenly she turns into a Bella.

Is this some kind of sister syndrome or there is something more to it, do they hate each other?


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