South African Pastor is here again, makes congregants eat flowers

When he fed them petrol, the congregation said it tasted like pineapple juice. Then he fed them grass and they said it tasted like cornflakes. Now they are eating flower and they say it tastes like mint.

The man dishing out the flowers to the congregation is none other than South African Pastor Lesego Daniels of the Rabboni Centre Ministry Church in Tshwane. He said it is part of a healing process.

Church members told Daily Sun the different kinds of flowers were nothing short of delicious. “They tasted like mint chocolate,” said one happy flower eater. “I felt fresh and good,” said another.

The pastor first made headlines when he made the congregants eat grass and followed it up with petrol, comparing drinking petrol to Holy Communion. The new sensation is flowers.

“I never got flowers from any of my lovers,” said a happy woman. “I find it sweet to get them in church. They were for healing.”


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