Kris Jenner Parties in St. Tropez with Boyfriend Corey Gamble as Son Rob Kardashian Faces Blac Chyna Court Battle

While Rob Kardashian is facing some harsh realities back home as his ex Blac Chyna is granted a restraining order, mom Kris Jenner is off on a romantic European vacation.

Jenner and her boyfriend Corey Gamble were spotted arriving in St. Tropez for a tropical getaway, days after Kardashian’s explicit social media rampage last week against ex fiancee Blac Chyna.

“Kris and Corey arrived in Europe over the weekend. They were first in St. Tropez with friends,” a source reveals to PEOPLE. “They enjoyed the sun and relaxed on a yacht. They are in Italy now and had dinner in Portofino last night.”

A source close to the family adds that the trip had already been planned before her son’s explosive online tirade. “Kris had her vacation planned for weeks. She took care of Kourtney’s kids while she was in France and then headed to Europe with Corey as soon as Kourtney returned to L.A.”

Jenner is still keeping tabs on what’s happening at home, and hired lawyer Robert Shapiro — who worked with Jenner’s late husband Robert Kardashian Sr. on the O.J. Simpson case — to represent her son as he faces a possible restraining order from Chyna. “She is getting updates about Rob and Chyna,” the source continues. “She of course really cares what happens.”

Despite the drama in Los Angeles, Jenner is seemingly making the most of her time away from the states.

“Kris seems great,” says the source. “She is happy and having a fun vacation.”


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