Caroline Danjuma accuses Davido of dumping a boy who died in his car at the hospital – Saga!

Caroline Danjuma accuses Davido of dumping a boy who died in his car last night at the hospital

In a now deleted post, Caroline Danjuma accused Davido of dumping the body of a boy identified as Tagbo at a General Hospital after he allegedly died in his car … Here is what She wrote;

“Davido where is Tagbo …. he was with you and ur crew last night … you all wore face cap to hide your identities after he died in ur car.. u dumped him at general hospital and ran away … the law must play its role this time .. you all better provide Tagbo alive .. @davidoofficial. After you all abandoned him at general hospital you continued you stupid grooving at DNA and had the nerves to promote ur show .. this ain’t no ordinary boy you can intimidate his family … we need you to tell us how he died in ur car and why u ran away.. the police and the hospital confirmed u all ran away .. if u think ur money can save u , u just met ur match . Promise “.

So why have she now deleted the post? huh!

Ok! here is another source saying that Davido wasn’t involved in any such act

He wrote;

The source said someone informed Davido of Tagbo’s unfortunate death. He wasn’t around Tagbo or the club when he died and it wasn’t his car that conveyed him to the hospital.

He said they don’t understand why Caroline would involve Davido in Tagbo’s unfortunate demise…

Then here comes Caroline Danjuma who has now shared a photo of late Tagbo with Davido and his best friend Ashley …

Caroline Danjuma shares photo of the late

Caroline has also denied reports that the late Tagbo drank himself to death as rumours indicate. See According to the photo she shared ;

Caroline Danjuma shares photo of the late

“You gave ur all .. when they needed ur assistance you were always there for them .. Tag you don’t deserve this .. this world is cruel .. I warned you but u were always acting mr nice they labelled you an alcohol addict which is a big lie .. I won’t keep shut .. a glass of Henessy and cranberry gets u tipsy .. just a glass .. cool , calm and minding ur own biz was all you were .. all the lies they say now to cover up .. if only you could wake up and speak for urself .. I won’t keep shut …. only the wicked would act like it’s nothing … you called them your friend but they left you to die .


Now Davido breaks his silence after being accused of abandoning the lifeless body of a friend”, says ‘This is what I get for treating everyone like my brother ”


According to Davido, people are just wicked and the accusations against him are what he’s getting for treating everyone like his brother. see his snaps below…

Hang in here for more…



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