About Us


A quick one with our CEO:

How did you come up with the name “TyPritty” and what is the purpose of Your blog?

I came up with the name ‘TyPritty’ because I wanted to keep up with my Nickname from my University days.

At first, the purpose of this blog was simply for my personal use, i just wanted to always have my daily food for thoughts somewhere i could always read them easily, But that day came when my sister just said to me;”why do you like to do selfish things?”.lol! and i asked her why she said so, and she’s like “if you make your blog public it could be more interesting for you because of the interactions” and i am like “wow! that’s true! and that was how i decided to make it public and of course turned it to a place of gossip. However, after i started getting more traffic on the blog, it definitely had to become a real deal! more and more people, more and more time, and i started to improve on a daily basis with my consistency.

How Long has this Blog been?

TyPrittyBlog Launched out officially in January 2016. I will add by saying that it is a blog that reflects “me” and my “Curiosity”(Please don’t ask further)

Lol! But What about the Food for Thought space you started?

Hmmm! That is my personal use and i always still have them as an inspiration in my Private blog space and my Diary any day any time

Why do you write the way you do?

Well if i got that question correctly, i write the way i do because i always feel like i am gossiping with my  best friend, Like i said before i love to gossip. It’s my Hobby…Lol!