US Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross loses his billionaire title again!

US Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross loses his billionaire title again!

Right now, Forbes and Bloomberg magazines have come to the same conclusion that US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross is not a billionaire.

In a story published on Wednesday afternoon, Bloomberg revealed that it, too, had lowered its net worth calculation for Ross, who is also facing congressional scrutiny over his finances.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Ross’ net worth is now at $860 million, down from $3 billion, “after determining that figures he provided couldn’t be independently verified.”

The change comes a week after a bombshell story from Forbes accusing Ross of embellishing his worth by billions. The story also exposed cracks in the magazine’s “Forbes 400” list of the wealthiest people in the country, which Ross was purportedly able to lie his way into.

Senate Democrats called for the Commerce Department’s internal watchdog to launch an investigation to determine whether Ross was forthcoming during his confirmation process earlier this year.


Caitlyn Reacts To Trump Banning Transgenders From The US Military

Caitlyn Jenner was a firm supporter of Donald Trump and constantly tweeted support for him during the US campaign. However, she might be regretting voting Trump at the moment.
After Trump announced today that he will be banning transgenders from serving in the US military, Caitlyn took to Twitter to call him out for it.

She wrote: “There are 15,000 patriotic transgender Americans in the US military fighting for all of us. What happened to your promise to fight for them?”

AirAsia engine failure on Perth-Malaysia flight could have been catastrophic


THE AirAsia X plane that suffered an engine failure on Sunday could have lost the entire engine and ripped out fuel lines, a former Airbus A330 check and training captain has warned.

The warning by the 40-year flying veteran came as the Australian Transport Safety Bureau yesterday classified the failure as a serious incident and AirAsia X defended its safety reputation.

“When an engine has severe vibrations it must be shut down immediately as the damage that can be inflicted is immense,” the former training captain said.

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“The engine can detach from the wing, which could be catastrophic. Fuel lines (could be) ripped open and electrics severely damaged or degraded.

“It must be treated like an engine fire. And if after shutdown, it is free-wheeling with a missing blade and the severe vibrations continue you must divert to the nearest suitable airport,” the veteran pilot said.

AirAsia X has released few details of the incident which is understood to involve the failure of a fan blade in the No.1 engine.

It destroyed hydraulic components and an oil pump before being ingested by the engine.

The ATSB is liaising with engine maker Rolls-Royce about the failure and said it expected to produce a report in “a couple of months” after interviewing personnel and gathering additional information.

“The flight crew detected moderate airframe vibrations and the No.1 engine failed,” it said in a statement.

“The aircraft was unable to maintain altitude and the crew conducted a return to Perth.”

Why the plane continued shaking and why it did not divert to nearby Learmonth when the incident occurred near Carnarvon at 8.16am on Sunday will be investigated.

An engine expert said it was possible an out-of-balance fan could windmill after the engine was shut down and still cause a low-frequency vibration.

He said it was “a pretty massive failure” and there would be only two reasons for it: a manufacturing flaw or poor quality inspection during maintenance.

AirAsia X defended its safety record in a statement and said it was co-operating with Rolls-Royce and safety authorities. It pointed out Malaysia-based AirAsia X had undergone global safety audits by the International Air Transport Association in 2015 and 2016.

“We would like to stress Air-Asia Group has always strictly followed the maintenance program prescribed by our manufacturers,’’ it said.

“We have also complied with all requirements of every country where the airline operates, including Australia.”

A source said the pilots were alerted to the problem by a monitoring system and then heard and felt the vibration from the stricken engine. They shut the engine down, did a 180-degree turn and returned to Perth.

Australia’s crash watchdog will investigate why the A330 pilots did not divert to Learmonth, 25 minutes away, rather than fly the 90 minutes back to Perth.

The loss of one engine on a twin-engine aircraft requires the crew to divert to the nearest suitable airport but the term “suitable” leaves room for pilot discretion on safety grounds.

A student dies of meningitis in Paris

A 19-year-old student died of meningitis in Paris. She studied at the American University of Paris. As a result of this 200 students have been vaccinated so far.

According to our information, two cases of meningitis have occurred, at intervals of months, at the American University of Paris. A 19-year-old girl who was studying at this prestigious institution, which has 1,000 students from all over the world, is located on the Boulevard de la Tour-Maubourg in the 7th arrondissement.

May the gentle soul of that student rest in perfect Peace!


Another Vietnamese prisoner escapes death sentence by impregnating herself

The northern province of Quang Ninh has suspended four officers at a local prison after a drug trafficker on death row managed to get herself pregnant in an apparent attempt to avoid the penalty. The woman, Nguyen Thi Hue, 42, is expected to give birth in April.

She was arrested in Quang Ninh in 2012 for drug trafficking. She was found guilty and sentenced to death in 2014. She bought some sperm from Nguyen Tuan Hung, 27, a male inmate for VND50 million (over US$2,200). Hung handed over his semen and syringes to Hue twice in August 2015.

She got pregnant after inseminating herself. In Vietnam, a pregnant woman or a mother whose child is less than 36 months old cannot be sentenced to death. Death sentences, if already handed down, will have to be reduced to life imprisonment.

In a similar case in 2007, two corrections officers in Hoa Binh Province were jailed after letting a woman on death row have sex with a male inmate and become pregnant. The woman, Nguyen Thi Oanh, had been sentenced to death for drug smuggling. She gave birth to a boy in March 2007 and managed to avoid the sentence…. trust Nigerians to soon start doing ds too…

Beyonce and Jay Z’s Twins have arrived, they Were ‘Born Premature And Are Being Treated For Jaundice

‘ .

According to TMZ reports, Beyonce and Jay Z’s twins arrived ahead of time. The babies were born prematurely and are being treated for jaundice.

The pair have not left the hospital since arriving eight days ago; it was previously reported doctors had opted to keep them in for a ‘minor issue.’

The siblings will have spent most of their first days under ‘bili lights,’ phototherapy designed to eliminate high levels of bilirubin in the blood.

We pray for the couple and their newly arrived children!

London Fire Attack: Dad saved his entire family including his 7 months old pregnant wife, ran back in to the fire to save his eldest daughter, 12

A brave father saved the life of his entire family who would have otherwise died in the blazing London Tower inferno which took a lot of lives.

Marcio Gomes, 38, had been waiting for help to come but when after 4 hours 30 minutes of the start of the fire and firefighters still hadn’t made it to the 21st floor where he lived, he knew it was up to him to save his family.

Mr Gomes wrapped his seven-month pregnant wife and their two daughters in wet towels and ushered them down the burning stairs. He said it was very dark and the fire was surging up and all around them. There were bodies strewn all over the floor but they kept going, stepping over the bodies to safety. However, when Gomes got downstairs, he discovered his eldest daughter was not with them. She had collapsed from smoke inhalation. He had to go back into the burning building, in spite of the warnings by firefighters advising him against it. He was able to find his daughter and dragged her out of the flames.

Though the fire started before 1 a.m. early on Wednesday, Gomes and his family were not aware their building was on fire until 2:30 a.m., that is over 1 hour 30 minutes since the fire started. He said he phoned 999 a number of times but was told to stay put with his family that the fire was being contained. His saving grace was that he defied their order. Gomes actually stayed till 4: 30 a.m. waiting for help but when it didn’t come, he called again and was told that it would take a while before the firefighters get up to the 21st floor. Gomes decided then to take his safety and that of his family into his hands.

He said there had been no fire alarm sounding to warn them that there was a fire. Had there been, more people would have been able to escape in time. Gomes and his family have been admitted to the hospital for smoke inhalation. His wife was placed in a medically induced coma to help save her and their unborn baby.  Narrating the incident from his hospital bed, Gomes spoke about calling 999 but getting no help from them.

He said: “I told them my wife was pregnant and that we couldn’t go down — there was too much smoke. But they wouldn’t send anyone up. By 4.30am the flames had roared up the side of the block. Fire engulfed the whole building.

Speaking of Luana, his 12-year-old daughter who was almost lost in the fire, Gomes said: “She was halfway down. She had stopped. She couldn’t move anymore and had fallen unconscious.”

He also spoke of their escape, saying: “I just wrapped them all up in wet towels and sheets and said, ‘There’s no turning back — we have to go’. We had to go down the stairs from the 21st floor. You couldn’t see anything. We had to step over bodies with my young daughters and my seven months pregnant wife.”

People have been blaming the fire on those responsible for the safety of the building, which had been refurbished with dangerous cladding last year.

London Grenfell Tower Fire: “Tell my sons I love them”- Great grandfather’s final phone call while he was trapped in the Tower

A great grandfather is one of those still missing following the Grenfell Tower Inferno in London.

Tony Disson, 65, has lived in Greenfell for 9 years and was trapped in the bathroom of his 22nd floor as fire engulfed the entire building early on Wednesday morning.

The father-of-four, seeing no means of escape, made a final phone call to a friend and told him to “Tell my sons that I love them.”Prior to that final call, he had made a number of other desperate calls to friends and relatives to let them know that he was trapped in the bathroom.

Tony’s oldest son Lee, 47, who is disabled, heard of the tragedy at 6 a.m. when a cousin from Blackburn, Lancashire, called and told him to turn on the TV as his father’s tower block was on fire. After seeing the horrific images on TV, he drove down to London with daughter Sky, 26, from his home in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

Disson’s four sons and other family members spent all of yesterday searching hospitals and rescue centres for him but have so far found no sign of him.

Lee said:

“People called my Dad and said, ‘Put a blanket over your head and get out.’ He said he couldn’t as he was in the bathroom and the floor was too hot. A friend then called him at 4 a.m. and one of the last things he said was, ‘Tell my sons that I love them’. Nobody was able to contact him after that.”

Lee said he believed that one of his half-brothers had spoken to his father on the phone at around 3 a.m. Father-of-three Lee, who had not seen his father for several years, said he still has not given up hope of finding his father.

He said: “I have found out that he did not make it, but I have not completely given up hope. I have left my details at the rugby club which is being used as an emergency centre and I have been asking around for him. My dad was well known down here and I have had loads of calls. He had been in the flat for about nine years. He lived alone and was quite happy there.”

Tony had son Lee from his first marriage and three sons Harry, 23, Alfie, 21, and Charlie, 19, with second wife Cordelia. He also had five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren with another due to be born soon. Tony’s first wife Anita Rawlinson who lives in Peterborough, said his flat was on the side of the block where the fire had started as he couldn’t make it out.

Anita said: “I think his flat was on the side of the block where the fire was.”

Lee’s wife Sandra, 47, said: “Tony had been moaning about the damp in his flat. The block was old and did not have balconies. I think they should have knocked it down as it was in such a state and re-housed everyone elsewhere. But it looks like they did a cosmetic job on it by tarting it up with cladding to make it look nicer.”